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Do you like being around people, getting to know new people and accepting challenges? You can choose to be an active member instead of a passive member and contribute to the association. Ofcourse this is completely free of charge. As an active member you will join one of the 13 committees Innovum has to offer. You can, for example, train your Photoshop skills, get in touch with companies for organizing field trips, or join the organization of the infamous introduction week.


As a sign of gratitude, active members do not pay the 20-euro fee. In addition to that, you have an advantage over passive members when it comes to subscribing for activities. Also, you receive multiple extras all year round such as your own special Innovum mug, in which you can keep your treasured black fuel. On the registration form you can just tick the box of active member and in consultation with you, we will put you in the committee that suits you best.