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Association’s Room

The association space, or the Innovum room as it is usually called, is the meeting place within the building. Students come here to ask for extra explanation, to do homework, to make plans for Thursday evening or to just relax.

Outside the corona time, the room is divided into 3 parts, a catering, a chill and a work area. As the name implies, in the catering part there is always free coffee and tea available for the members, and there are also different kinds of snacks and drinks for sale. In the chill part you can relax on the couch, make the wildest plans or discuss the Thursday evening.

Due to corona, unfortunately everything has to be done at a table :(.

In the work part there is room to do homework, delve into other topics or prepare for a presentation or job application. There are people in the association room who want to help you, so feel free to drop in for a cup of coffee and chat!

(Inside tip: grab one of the Donald Ducks and some snacks and sit back and relax)