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International Introduction Week

Whatever studies you chose in engineering, good preparation is always nice – new culture to experience, new people to meet, new place to live, and a lifetime of memories to enjoy! Welcome to International Introduction Week!

So, let’s get down to business, what can you expect from the introduction week?     
SV. Innovum – the study association of Fontys Engineering – has especially organized events where the new student gets to participate in a wide range of social activities, making you guys feel more at home.

NOTE: During the International Introduction week all precautions against COVID-19 are taken. The whole event is approved by the local authorities and is constantly monitored, so do not feel afraid of possible disease.

The event will be held in a hybrid form providing both activities in person and online activities to keep you safe and also to get the best of the intro week.

Here is what we have in store for you:

You are going to get to know the city you are going to live in, meet a whole lot of new people, enjoy the Purple festival and so much more! Make new friends even before you step into school and be one step ahead of the others when it comes to building contacts.
When you step foot in the Netherlands or in Eindhoven for the very first time and you don’t know anyone, your mamas and papas can be of a lot of help! You always have a buddy who can show you around town then. The mamas and papas are the people taking care of your group during intro and they can help you get familiar with the Dutch culture, good food and the ever-so-amazing Dutch weather. So, take journey of excitement and make yourself a part of the Innovum Introduction Week!


Monday – the day to Meet and Jam

We start the day at 11:30. You will be welcomed to engineering department by the chairman of our beloved board and then we will have speed dates with the mamas and papas to form the groups or the so called ‘families’ for the week. We’ll play some fun games to get to know each other better and then we’ll go get crazy with a game tour around the city, finishing the day with a karaoke party online or at our bar, depending on the situation, where you can learn more about your future course mates and SV. Innovum.

Tuesday – administration day
On Tuesday we will mainly help you show your documentation to Fontys and take you on a tour around the campus. We will top it off with a night of games and storytelling to help us know each other better and maybe a round of beer pong.

Wednesday – Engineering games
On the third day we will have engineering games where you and your family will to put your engineering minds into creating an interesting and fun invention. Then you will compete with the rest of the families to see who has the best creation of all. After the games, we will finish the day with a night of games.

On Thursday we will play different types of sports or have baking competitions to show off your skills. In the evening we have prepared a small pub quiz to test your knowledge.

We will finish the week with a talent show where you can show your unique talents to others and hopefully be able to have a BBQ and some fun activities with our friends from the Dutch stream.

What do you need for starting your journey with Innovum?

Just register yourself on the link to the right and enjoy the Intro week!

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