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Lunch lectures

In order to improve the student life of our students, in addition to the necessary social and relaxing activities, in the educational field, Innovum organizes a lunch lecture approximately 1 or 2 times a month.

During these lectures, Innovum offers the students, teachers and the guest speaker a snack and a drink (unfortunately not due to corona at the moment). These public lectures are attended by an average of between 30 and 80 people, including teachers and students from Engineering but also from other institutes.

During the lectures, guest speakers from the sector or other social sectors will discuss various topics. These can range from high tech devices to bearings, from energy transactions in the future to the life experiences of ex-addicts, from a bionic arm to tips for preparing a CV.

The purpose of the lectures is to introduce students to various social aspects and companies. This gives students the opportunity to develop in directions other than those offered by the curriculum.