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Lustrum update 23/09/2020

Heey curious website visitor, Welcome to the most interesting page of our website… LUSTRUM!

What is Lustrum?

I have no idea. Every 5 years a special year is introduced at (study) associations. So called the “Lustrum year”. SV. Innovum is celebrating its 2nd lustrum year!

What does SV. Innovum do extra? Drink more beer?

Well, a lustrum year is always accompanied by extra beer (special beer even). But mainly we smash all piggy banks from the past 5 years. And with this insane amount, we organize incredibly cool / lijpe / chill / super / mega / horny / unreal / gigantic events.

Wasn’t the Lustrum year last school year?

Yes, that is correct, due to some other pandemic we were not allowed / able to perform our activities. But don’t worry, we will make up for that in the coming school year (2020-2021)! See the “Kick-off party” and the “lustrum takes on Christmas dinner” as a foretaste …

Which events are organized by SV. Innovum organized this year?

Our credit list still includes:

1. SV. Innovum “I don’t get it” (lecture) 23-02-2021

2. SV. Innovum “Gala” (party) 12-03-2021

3. SV. Innovum “Powertoolrace” (activity) 30-05-2021

Can I add extra innovum stickers to my collection?

No, just whine at the board!

Do I have to fix a date for the gala?

Of course! This will be one of our most classic events within our (bulky) association. Black tie, orange runners, photographers, snacks, crap from former board members, booze and waltz on your new patent leather shoes … crap idea, do it! All invitees will be informed about this, if you are not invited… no problem after 21:00 everyone is welcome.

Do I have to fix a date for the Powertoolrace?

Of course! Only if she’s pretty, and she fits in a pit cat outfit. What you still have to arrange for the rest is that you register with a team. These could be classmates, your mother, teachers, project mates, new years old, hairy pirates. This can be done via the link below:

Wtf is a power tool race?

Well dear reader, a power tool race is a race with power tools.

What is a Power Tool?

A power tool is a tool that is powered by power… are you still following it? The aim of the race is to race a self-crafted racing cart (the size of a beer crate) over a long wooden track in a waste lap. Be fast, creative, safe and of course original!

I am lazy and only read the italicized questions… Are we going to drink beer?

Of course, and not just any beer… we have arranged a special beer in collaboration with our sponsor Continu. Originally only for the official anniversary year (2019-2020), but now extended until (2020-2021)! In other words come to our parties and drinks and enjoy a lustrum special (blond) beer for 1 orange coin or € 1.50 or 39 rare pokémon cards or 2 ‘Flowing Hair Dollar’ coins.

I think the chairman of the lustrum committee is quite hot. Can I have his number?

Of course. 06-25495622. But you can always send an email to:

I am quite visual, do you have some impression photos of the events?

Yes, have a look: