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Innovum Student Support

Since last school year, the new student support committee has started within Innovum to help as many students as possible further within the study program. For this there are all kinds of tasks to keep track of, such as recruiting tutors, maintaining contact and collaboration with Fontys and Bètaritme, promotion for the students … and much more. To help the students, we organize individual tutoring and homework hours, and we also offer a listening ear for problems that the students have. If you think you could use help, or if you have any questions, you can contact us at

Hey you,

Are you very good at a course or several courses, and do you think you can explain this to someone, sign up as an Innovum student support tutor! As an active tutor you can get free coffee or tea in the Innovum-room and you get access to workshops/courses, you also get:

  • 20 hours of tutoring, the same benefits as an active Innovum member.
  • 30 hours of tutoring, an Innovum garment of your choice (sweaters, socks, ties, etc.)
  • 40 hours of tutoring, an experience certificate for tutoring (this will look nice on your resume).
  • Per 5 hours -> 2 Innovum coins (for buying drinks at events)

So sign up at:

If you need help with a course, register here: , then we will link you to a tutor.