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Our vision and mission 2018-04-23T14:55:25+00:00


To promote the brand SV. Innovum

Innovum has a wide range of activities and events within Fontys Engineering and beyond. With this vision point we want to accomplish that ‘SV. Innovum’ does not just stand for a big association, but also for a brand with quality activities and events

To map, extend and improve all the benefits for the members of the association

Innovum has a lot to offer for the members as it is right now. All those benefits might not be as clear as they should be for our members and there is no overview available. As a board we will be aiming to have an overview of all the benefits and have them extended or improved by the end of our board-year. Also, active members should be able to receive official acknowledgement of the work they have done for the association.

Interaction between the members and the companies

In the future, members need to have more ways to get in touch with the connected companies of Innovum. Innovum has many external relations that might not only be valuable to the association, but also to the individual members. This corresponds with the 2nd point in the vision.

Give members the opportunity to present their ideas

Innovum exists because of its members. Therefore, it is important to give every member the chance to present their ideas or input and turn them into a plan if they are sufficient. The transparency of the association will be increased if the board and the members have an active stand towards new ideas or input.


To form a better bridge between students and the educational facilitator.
We want to contribute to a better means of communication between students and the educational institution. With this we, as a board, would like to pass on the anonymous feedback of students, directly to the committed parties of Fontys. We want to realize this by planning a meeting with either Fontys, or multiple meeting with other parties involved, every given period of time. During these meeting we also want to discuss the actions taken by Fontys, as a reaction to the feedback of previous meetings.