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Parties and Drinks


Innovum’s mission is to ensure that the student time of our members is more than the standard curriculum. We do this with study-related activities, but also with parties and drinks (YEAH PARTY 🎉). Innovum organizes a party or drink approximately once a month.

To keep the drinks as close as possible, they are usually organized in the Innovum room (Er_0.49), on the Innovum square (in front of ER_0.48 and ER_0.49) or at the Hubble community cafe. We hold parties at our favorite pub on stratumseind, the Bartenders. Here we have the opportunity to set up fun activities such as theme parties, bartenders is also the start and end point of the famous (or infamous) pub crawl.

Do you fancy some fun? Then drop by Hubble or Bartenders for a drink.